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My Summer Seven: Summer Happenings

I walked out the front door and onto my screened porch and thought I was walking into an oven.  It almost takes your breath away. So my summer was here and I missed it.

Joanna is having a neat blog fest where anyone can post their summer happenings and then read everyone else’s.  She had some very funny happenings.  In fact some of hers sounded sort of like mine.

1.  She mentioned being somewhere with the temp over 100, well not to be out sweated….I have spent the last three weeks, sitting in my car at the edge of a grassy field in a park with no trees within 5 miles, watching and waiting while my 8 yr old grandson learned the fine art of football,  wearing a real helmet and full pads, in 110 degree heat……..the things granny’s do for their grandkids.

2.  I sat hidden in my house under the ac while it has been some 54 days of no rain and over 100 degrees everyday.  Will it ever rain again?  I did have 4 drops today on my windshield until the cloud moved.

3.  There will be a “new Sheriff” in town at my daughters house after the first of October.  My daughter who is getting married (again) and catch this:  to her love when she was in college some 26 years ago.  He has been trying to run into her for those 26 years and finally they landed on the same Facebook page a year ago.  Oh my it’s nerve racking for him to get used to two teenagers and an 8 year old, at his age and never had children of his own!!!!!

4.  Since I am in my “older years” as they say and I have a terrible back and bad leg which causes me to fall flat on my face now and then, I finally gave in to some outdoor exercise.  I got myself a three wheel bicycle so I can ride with my grandson and not fall over and break my hip or something else.  I would really hate to have to be cared for by my newly married daughter and her “true love” …..she would never forgive me.

5.  I have spent an enormous amount of time watering my dead grass and rose bushes, and not achieved anything but a larger water bill.  This heat has killed all the flowers, bushes and grass all over town.  There are a few who still have grass but they are the people with the big bank rolls and can afford underground sprinklers that seem to be on all the time.

Well that’s about all I can think of.  This seems to have been a totally wasted summer having to stay inside.  Or maybe not, grandson will be playing real football this year.

P.S.  be sure and click on the big 7 above and check out Joanna’s summer.

Tell Someone

I changed clothes, rushed out to the car, pulled half way out the drive way and remembered I needed to take the trash to the street. Stopped the car, got the trash bin, pulled it to the curb. Got back in the car, went to Sonic, got a coke and a kids burger. Went on to the ball park to watch the grandson play t-ball. Sat in the heat and ate my burger, saw grandson arrive, got my walker out, went over to the t-ball area. The sun is still cooking everything and me right along with it. My daughter arrived and we waited a while and then found out the opposing team had forfeited due to not having a full team. They had not told any of my grandsons team so there they were, in the heat, all suited up with no one to play!!! Don’t you love it. With a world full of electronics, cell phones, email, iPads, iPhones, and telephones don’t you think someone could have gotten the word out that they weren’t playing? Blows my mind, there are NO excuses good enough………