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I just sat there….

Oh Praise the Lord, it finally rained. We had so many days of triple digits, it was making me sick. I sat on my screened porch most of the day. It was such a nice cloudy day after a pretty good rain.
I am glad Fall is finally here for tv’s sake. I love “Flipping Out” on Bravo and I like the “Real Housewives of___” This season it is DC and the RH of New Jersey is finishing. I really like the RH of New York. You know when you have reality shows so much more is funny when people are not acting from a script. Bravo has the best reality shows and I thoroughly enjoy watching them. HGTV also has some very enjoyable shows. I like seeing what I could do with my house if I could walk, lift or stand up for awhile. Bad back, ugh! Design Star will finish Sunday evening.
Another exciting event is that my son and his family are moving into a fantastic house. It was built probably in the 50s, is Polynesian design and is wonderful. Take a peek at several pictures.

Enclosed back yard

Front of house

Front entrance court yard

The great room or den

They call it the Brick house estate because of all the different rooms that have actual real red brick floors.