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May I use the remote?



Well I have to talk about something that I saw last week.  My daughter had some surgery in one of the big hospitals in Oklahoma City because there was no one here in our town who had done the procedure very many times like a doctor in the city.  The day of the surgery we were in one of the waiting rooms.  They had two next to the part where my daughter was.  One with a tv and vending machines and another that was a Quiet room for those who wanted to just read or whatever.  We went in and sat in the tv room.  I immediately noticed a stack of blankets and pillows over in the corner.  By stack I mean it was about 3 feet high.  Also along the window ledge were lots of personal things, a laptop, drinks, books, sacks from restaurants, etc.  I did find out the two ladies who were sitting there in the recliners were members of a family who were “living” in the room while some relative was in a room in a comma. That day was day “10” of their stay so far!  I find it hard to believe that the hospital was allowing this.  The room had an odor of too many people in too small a space, and of people who were probably taking a “spit” bath in the restroom sink.  They were from a small town a couple of hundred miles away.  I thought to myself that they surely could have gotten an “extended stay” room in one of the hotels across the street from the hospital.  They cold have bunked in together and split the cost and would have been able to bathe, eat and rest there and take turns waiting in the hospital.  They were in control of all the recliners, the remote to the tv, and the chairs facing the tv.  It was as if they felt the rest of us were intruding on their space in a public place.  I wanted to watch something on the tv for a few minutes and had to ask for the remote from the lady who had it under her blanket, I am sure hiding it so no one would change the station.  I am sure if one of my family was in a comma I would want to be near by.  I noticed the staff were finding relatives of sick people all the time to report on conditions.  Their living in the hospital waiting room was certainly unnecessary.  One of my family noticed one morning that the cleaning staff had to sweep and clean around those sleeping people in order to make the room half way decent.  I blame the hospital for not providing written rules prohibiting such things and I blame people for not thinking of others in a time of stress for everyone.  I do hope their relative gets well and they can go home, after all there are a lot of others who would like to sit and watch tv awhile to get their mind off their problems.

P.S. my daughter is fine and we came home after 3 days.