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Memories of High School

One of the most fun things we did when I was in High School was cruise a street called VanBuren.  We’d drive  down, circle the Dairy Maid and drive back and circle the drive in. We pooled our money, buy 50 cents worth of gas and cruise all evening.   Back and forth, yelling at each other out the windows, talking with the boys, making dates and all that stuff you did in HS.  Well each year until a few years ago the classes did the same thing so someone had a VanBuren Cruise night Friday.  Let me tell you the town was packed with vehicles, old and new.  Do these bring back any memories?

The Class Reunion

Its hard to believe that its been 50 years since I graduated from High School. I always go to my reunions but this was the best of all. We had more people attend, probably because of the year, and our choice of venues turned out to be superb. The people who catered our food did an excellent job and everyone seemed to have a terrific time. My classmates have held up pretty well. Only one came to the reunion with a walker and that was because she had had a foot operation. There was quite a few who had bounced back from bypasses, cancer, operations of different kinds and they seemed to have taken it in stride. The only complaint we had, was that our 50s disc jockey, was too loud and many could not hear to visit. When I think about it, the DJ was as old as we were and he probably could not hear either so he played everything full blast. Check out some “senior” hints if you are planning or attending a reunion in the near future.

*No tours with lots of steps or walking
*Forget about loud music

*Have big round tables for 6 or 8

*People want to visit with old friends

*This might be their last reunion

*Have casual events with casual wear

*No dancing for over 60s – (bad knees and no spouses)

*Some won’t have a mate with them

*Build a website and put current pictures on it

*Don’t expect everyone to use a computer

*Send out paper reservation forms

*Make name tags with school pictures
*Start a year ahead to locate the most

*Remember your hearing tends to go with age

*So does your back

*And your knees