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A Five Year Old Grandson will……

Screw the bottom of the soft gel deodorant so when you open it, half the gel is in the lid,
turn the lock on the screen door so when you go out you can’t get back in,
take several bites out of an apple and leaves it on the kitchen counter,
find scissors and cuts his bangs in the bathroom,
get in the Halloween candy jar and leave wrappers on the coffee table,
use half the band aids from the box,

then he says “how did you know it was me?”

The Drawing

My grandson turned 5 years old in September, but is big for his age and has been riding a bike without training wheels for over a year. I saw an ad where a car parts place is having a drawing for a really neat bike. I filled out the form for my grandson and told him we were going to go put his form in a drawing for the bike. I sometimes forget he is just a little kid since he acts bigger (being around his teenage sisters and their friends). I took him to the store, and since I could see the man at the counter, I waited in the car. I gave him the form and said go give this to the man at the counter and say thank you. He went in like a big guy, handed the man the form, said thank you and came back and got in the car. I noticed as he was coming out of the store that he sure got a good look at the bike that was sitting close to the door of the store. When he got in the car I asked “what did the man say?” and he told me the ” the man said thank you but he didn’t give me the bike!” Oops, guess I didn’t explain about a drawing good enough so we started all over again. Some things are a little hard to explain to a little kid – sort of like “where does Santa live and how does he get the reindeer to fly?”


Blogger Judy said…

This is so cute and funny. I hope he understands or you are going to end up buying a new bike!
December 7, 2008 3:17 PM