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Don’t ask me how many pictures……

My uncle JoeAsh, Issoudun France 1918

I hope I haven’t lost all my blogger friends. I have spent almost every waking minute for the last two weeks, sorting and putting photos in albums. I had some in old albums that were about to fall apart so I had to take those photos out and put them in new albums. I have been collecting photo albums from garage sales over the last few years and have some really nice ones now full of great family photos. I have to say I got frustrated some times because there are so many that have nothing written on the back so I had to guess or compare to figure out who they are. I scanned the oldest ones and put them in an iPhoto album on my laptop. I had several boxes full of loose pictures from my moms stuff and my grandmothers things. If you have photos loose like me don’t let them get out of hand. Now days we down load from digital cameras into the computers but there are those old wonderful pictures that are turning a little yellow from age that need to be saved.