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Capture the Magic

Thanks to my friend Sara, this has been floating around the internet in Senior Citizen mail boxes and she thought I’d find the humor, which I will share with you.

Christmas at Rock-Away Rest

Twas the night before Christmas at Rock-Away Rest,

and all of us seniors were looking our best.

Our glasses, how sparkly, our wrinkles, how merry;

Our punchbowl held prune juice plus three drops of sherry.

A bed sock was taped to each walker, in hope

That Santa would bring us soft candy and soap.

We surely were lucky to be there with friends,

Secure in this residence and in our Depends.

Our grandkids had sent us some Christmasy crafts,

Like angels in snowsuits and penguins on rafts.

The dental assistant had borrowed our teeth,

And from them she’d crafted a holiday wreath.

The bed pans, so shiny, all stood in a row,

Reflecting our candle’s magnificent glow.

Our supper so festive — the joy wouldn’t stop —

Was creamy warm oatmeal with sprinkles on top.

Our salad was Jell-O, so jiggly and great,

Then puree of fruitcake was spooned on each plate.

The social director then had us play games,

Like “Where Are You Living?” and “What Are Your Names?”

Old Grandfather Looper was feeling his oats,

Proclaiming that reindeer were nothing but goats.

Our resident wand’rer was tied to her chair,

In hopes that at bedtime she still would be there.

Security lights on the new fallen snow

Made outdoors seem noon to the old folks below.

Then out on the porch there arose quite a clatter

(But we are so deaf that it just didn’t matter).

A strange little fellow flew in through the door,

Then tripped on the sill and fell flat on the floor.

Twas just our director, all togged out in red.

He jiggled and chuckled and patted each head.

We knew from the way that he strutted and jived

Our social security checks had arrived.

We sang — how we sang — in our monotone croak,

Till the clock tinkled out its soft eight-p.m. stroke.

And soon we were snuggling deep in our beds.

While nurses distributed nocturnal meds.

And so ends our Christmas at Rock-Away Rest.

fore long you’ll be with us, We wish you the best!

Be Kind to your children for they will pick your nursing home!

author not listed


Best of the Blogs?

Well I think I better go on to something else besides life in the “40s Only” – maybe one of these days I will find a subject that a bunch of people like to read. I don’t ever plan to have a site like some of my blogger friends with 89 comments per post!!! I think I would just faint. I blog with some people who are really neat bloggers. My friend “the Retired one” as she calls herself at (the Retirement Chronicles) – she is a fantastic photographer and has the most beautiful photos on her site. You really must stop by and look at her pictures. I have saved a bunch of them and use them as Desktop Backgrounds.

Then there is another friend, Judy, who lives in Kentucky and has a great blog “Living on the Other side of the Hill
– AND she has another blog called “The Southern Lady Cooks“, and let me tell you, you will gain 10 lbs just looking at the things she has on that site. I keep telling her she needs to do a recipe book. Gosh this lady can COOK!!

Then there is Marissa, who never wants to grow up and says “I intend to live forever, so far so good”. She will certainly make you tired just looking at her riding a push scooter or doing a cart wheel. She calls her blog “WhaHappen? or Surviving adulthood for the kid at heart” – and she is bound to make your day a little more fun and give you a good laugh.

Joanna will fill your reading with something that will make you chuckle at her blog she calls “The Fifty Factor” . How she can come up with such fun, I don’t know. Wish I had her writing ability.

If you are a theatre lover and want some good reads from a community theatre actor, check out Preston Brooks and his blog called “Me and the Blue Skies“. He’s always going out to eat at the neatest places so take notes if you are back East sometime.

Now if the 70s are your thing, Joe has you covered with his blog “70s-Child“. He has a treasure trove of pictures, trivia and information from the 70s. Now who doesn’t have memories from the 70s?

Jude posts her blog like a daily journal which reads like a good novel. in “Brighton the Corner Where You Are” -as she puts it nonsensical thoughts, emotional days, fears and worries and the normal day-to-day in this unfinished woman’s life. Check in and read how she is doing with her new hip.

To finish this post off I want you to look into my son’s blog “Curtis D. Tucker, that sneaker wearing entrepreneurial cartoonist internet guy” -who is the best Dad in the world and probably the funniest person I know. When he tells you of his lunches with his two “crumb crunchers” or an outing with “hot wife” you are bound to wish you could have him for a son. He is the person who warms everyone’s heart and gets their day started with some neat information and a usually a good laugh, on his Facebook.

These are only a few of the nice people who are my blog friends and if you don’t have any blog friends, you are sure to want some after checking out these sites. Make yourself a free blog, let me know your site and lets be friends!

He was born in 1947…

I had a brother who was 7 years younger, who died way too young, just a few years ago. I have to chuckle when I remember growing up with a little brother who, in my young eyes, was always in the way, bothering me and my friends and getting into trouble. When I was growing up, men often used a shaving brush with which they put soap on their face before shaving.

When my brother was about 7 years old or so, he was playing with my Dad’s shaving brush and dropped it in the toilet. This scared him so bad he flushed it and the shaving brush was immediately gone for good. Since he could buy a new one, my mom asked my dad why he was so upset. He then told her “because it was guaranteed to last a life time”. I guess the manufacturer didn’t take into consideration small boys who get into things they shouldn’t. As we grew up and became adults I realized he was the funniest person I have known. He could have everyone laughing so hard tears would be running down our cheeks. He majored in Radio and Television in college and had a radio show during those years that I am sure made the Dean wonder why they let this guy even attend school there. He would have his listeners in stitches. My brother actually went and joined the circus one summer in order to have an adventurous job. He fed and cleaned up after the animals and probably wondered why he had done that, but his stories were classic when he came home. After college he was old enough for the draft during VietNam and I remember he said “with a draft number of 7, I decided I might as well go enlist”.

Storm Flight

He wanted to be a helicopter pilot but they sent him to pilot training to fly an OV10, a FAC, forward air control aircraft. During his time in Vietnam he met Colonel Mark Berent. After the war Col Berent wrote a book called “Storm Flight”. Richard is mentioned in the book by name in the first chapter. Although this is fiction, it is based on many facts during the war.

One of his special stories was of a sortie where he was spotting for jets and bombers, telling them the coordinates where to put their bombs. He had a small tape recorder which he kept in his plane and one of his better known recordings was taping his voice telling the fighters where to strike in Laos. It turned out that at the same time Nixon was speaking on the radio also in his plane. Ironically it was when the President was telling the Americans that we were not bombing in Laos and Cambodia. Ooooops…..Needless to say we are not sure where that tape wound up.

What is Greenid?

What in the heck is Greenid?

Greenid is the newest campaign being put together by the City of Enid to educate residents about the new green trash bins. KJ Productions along with Eagle Marketing is helping spread the word by creating printed material, billboards and a really fun TV spot (making of the commercial below).
The photo and video are from the production of the TV commercial […]

A little hometown marching band is always good for a laugh!!