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Best of the Blogs?

Well I think I better go on to something else besides life in the “40s Only” – maybe one of these days I will find a subject that a bunch of people like to read. I don’t ever plan to have a site like some of my blogger friends with 89 comments per post!!! I think I would just faint. I blog with some people who are really neat bloggers. My friend “the Retired one” as she calls herself at (the Retirement Chronicles) – she is a fantastic photographer and has the most beautiful photos on her site. You really must stop by and look at her pictures. I have saved a bunch of them and use them as Desktop Backgrounds.

Then there is another friend, Judy, who lives in Kentucky and has a great blog “Living on the Other side of the Hill
– AND she has another blog called “The Southern Lady Cooks“, and let me tell you, you will gain 10 lbs just looking at the things she has on that site. I keep telling her she needs to do a recipe book. Gosh this lady can COOK!!

Then there is Marissa, who never wants to grow up and says “I intend to live forever, so far so good”. She will certainly make you tired just looking at her riding a push scooter or doing a cart wheel. She calls her blog “WhaHappen? or Surviving adulthood for the kid at heart” – and she is bound to make your day a little more fun and give you a good laugh.

Joanna will fill your reading with something that will make you chuckle at her blog she calls “The Fifty Factor” . How she can come up with such fun, I don’t know. Wish I had her writing ability.

If you are a theatre lover and want some good reads from a community theatre actor, check out Preston Brooks and his blog called “Me and the Blue Skies“. He’s always going out to eat at the neatest places so take notes if you are back East sometime.

Now if the 70s are your thing, Joe has you covered with his blog “70s-Child“. He has a treasure trove of pictures, trivia and information from the 70s. Now who doesn’t have memories from the 70s?

Jude posts her blog like a daily journal which reads like a good novel. in “Brighton the Corner Where You Are” -as she puts it nonsensical thoughts, emotional days, fears and worries and the normal day-to-day in this unfinished woman’s life. Check in and read how she is doing with her new hip.

To finish this post off I want you to look into my son’s blog “Curtis D. Tucker, that sneaker wearing entrepreneurial cartoonist internet guy” -who is the best Dad in the world and probably the funniest person I know. When he tells you of his lunches with his two “crumb crunchers” or an outing with “hot wife” you are bound to wish you could have him for a son. He is the person who warms everyone’s heart and gets their day started with some neat information and a usually a good laugh, on his Facebook.

These are only a few of the nice people who are my blog friends and if you don’t have any blog friends, you are sure to want some after checking out these sites. Make yourself a free blog, let me know your site and lets be friends!