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Is it Catherine or Katherine or Kathryn?????
























I have been spending a few days, so I can stay in out of the heat, working on my family tree.  There have been times when I thought I was going to give up when it came to trying to figure out which George or which Catherine was the child of which George and which Catherine.  I have decided that people in the 1700s and 1800s had no imagination when it came to names.  Everyone has the same name as someone else in their family or should I say a “bunch of someones”?  There has to be a hundred of George, Sarah, Joseph, William, Elizabeth, Mary, Charles, Martha, Richard, and Samuel. I even have one Samuel who is a “IV”!

Then there are the “unknowns” that pop up every now and again.  That’s neat, no one knows who so and so’s mother or father is.  Or there is just a first name of a spouse so you have no idea what her maiden name is, lovely…  I have a few who have first names that you would expect to be a last name,  or vice versa, i.e., Wilson, Dennis, Clark, Myers, Presley, etc. Then you can get into a mess if someone leaves off part of someones name by looking at  Mary, Mary Agnes, Mary Gladys, Mary Jane, Mary Kate, Mary Ann, Mary Elizabeth, Mary Catherine, Mary Kathleen.

Now we have weird names such as Marmaduke, Barnet, Welborn, Ewing, Uuren, Vane.  These are my family names and I’m sure I would have loved all of these people, but gosh they could have been a little more original.  Then you can giggle a little when you see the names that were definitely popular during the time period they were born.  For instance, Ethel, Willie, Jacob, Ada, Jane, Mable, Martha.

I paid a fortune for a years worth of Ancestry so I can do some world searching. You can find someone who you think, this has to be the person you’re looking for. Of course this person has 11 children so you spend three hours adding 10 of them and then find out this is the wrong parent anyway. The number of children can also drive you crazy. Seems they had enormous numbers of children, some lived and some didn’t. There are some who make Octomom a novice. One of my relatives had 20 children. Gives me a headache just thinking about it.

It is really sad when you come across the names that are just “Twins” or “baby” and I had one just called “Boy”. There were several big epidemics that killed so many people especially babies and small children. We are definitely lucky to have the miracle medicines and vaccines that we have today.

My uncle had started all this with a roll of architecture paper and he drew an hour glass form of tree and filled in all the names by hand. Then there was the cousin who had hers done on those family tree forms, and the relative that found bunches of papers in an old shoe box. I know one thing for sure and that is you MUST have a back up when you are doing this kind of computer work. Holy Cow what a mess if you lost a limb or two from your family tree.

Don’t ask me how many pictures……

My uncle JoeAsh, Issoudun France 1918

I hope I haven’t lost all my blogger friends. I have spent almost every waking minute for the last two weeks, sorting and putting photos in albums. I had some in old albums that were about to fall apart so I had to take those photos out and put them in new albums. I have been collecting photo albums from garage sales over the last few years and have some really nice ones now full of great family photos. I have to say I got frustrated some times because there are so many that have nothing written on the back so I had to guess or compare to figure out who they are. I scanned the oldest ones and put them in an iPhoto album on my laptop. I had several boxes full of loose pictures from my moms stuff and my grandmothers things. If you have photos loose like me don’t let them get out of hand. Now days we down load from digital cameras into the computers but there are those old wonderful pictures that are turning a little yellow from age that need to be saved.

Genealogy Hunt

In my case I change the SMITH for a SHAW
author unknown

Alas, my elusive kinsmen
You’ve led me quite a chase
I thought I’d found your courthouse
But the Yankees burned the place.

You always kept your bags packed
Although you had no fame, and
Just for the fun of it
Twice you changed your name.

You never owed any man, or
At least I found no bills
In spite of eleven offspring
You never left a will.

They say our name’s from Europe
Came state side on a ship
Either they lost the passenger list
Or granddad gave them the slip.

I’m the only one that’s looking
Another searcher I can’t find
I play (maybe that’s his fathers name)
As I go out of my mind.

They said you had a headstone
In a shady plot
I’ve been there twenty times, and
Can’t even find the lot.

You never wrote a letter
Your Bible we can’t find
It’s probably in some attic
Out of sight and out of mind.

You first married a……….Smith
And just to set the tone
The other four were Sarah’s
And every one a Jones.

You cost me two fortunes
One of which I did not have
My wife, my house and Fido
God, how I miss that golden lab.

But somewhere you slipped up,
Ole Boy, Somewhere you left a track
And If I don’t find you this year
Well……….Next year I’ll be back.