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To color or not to color…..

 This is a post to the older generation.  The grey ladies mainly.  You gentlemen may enter into this post if you want to but that probably would mean very few.  OK ladies I want to give you some peace of mind, the ability to sit back and give a great big sigh. How you ask, can I do that.  Forget that color on your hair.  For  almost 45 years I have put color on my hair.  I was getting prematurely grey in my 20s.  I would worry about “the grey showing” and the more I colored the more I hated to have to go through all that trouble.  Then all of a sudden I found that the more I colored the more it made me feel dizzy to spend all that time upside down rinsing the color off, then the soap, etc.  I see several spots of dark brown color in my bathroom where it should not be and it makes me mad.  Finally one day about 3 months ago I said to my beauty operator, to give me a short haircut (my hair is naturally curly) and lets get that color out.  It didn’t take as long as I thought and it didn’t look bad being a “little bit dark and a little bit light”.  I cannot believe just how white I really am.  It is beautiful and now my beautician puts a little mousse (Chocolate Kiss) and my hair looks a little like it has been streaked.  It is so pretty I can’t believe I didn’t do this years ago.  Also think of the money I will save not having to purchase color. My daughter wasn’t the happiest person with grey but who cares and my son just never even mentioned it.  If you have been knocking the thought around and can’t decide, well GO FOR IT.

the words say it all……


21 June 1938-12 December 2011

Words by his son Curtis D. Tucker
Two families lost someone yesterday. One family lost a long time dad, husband, uncle and brother that had aged into his 70’s, while another family lost a faint memory of someone frozen in time, a 30 year old man captured only in a few vintage photographs and videos, smiling and unaging. With the remote chance of ever crossing paths now forever closed, may you rest in peace Tilford Neal Tucker. Condolences go out to his wife Monica, his daughters Jodi and Jeni and the entire Tucker family.

Hug your crumb crunchers today as I will surely hug mine, be sure they know you love them and take care of any unfinished business before it’s too late.


Quick Trip to Big D

We made a quick trip to Dallas last weekend and I thought I’d pass on some pictures and notes from the trip.  We went down because my granddaughters were in National Cheer Competition.  On the way down, with gale force winds trying to push us off the highway, we made a note of the fact that the Red River was almost totally dry at the point where we crossed.  You can believe us when we say we are in a drought.

As we drove through Minco, Oklahoma on Hwy 81 South we could see miles of wind mills.  NextEra has acquired land rights to about 9,000 acres with 65 property owners. The Grady County wind farm will have 62 turbines each with a maximum generating capacity of 1.6MW which  gives the wind farm about 100 megawatts of power capacity at the end of 2011.  Their size gives them the impression of monster wind mills.  When we came by, going home after dark the next day, instead of seeing the windmills you see red blinking lights across the horizon.

The girls had their competition at the Dallas Convention Center, downtown Dallas.  Believe it or not the center was built about half way around an old Pioneer cemetery.  The old and often crooked tombstones rise from the grass in the shade of lots of great old trees.  This gives a nice place to sit and think, wander around and read the names and dates of the deceased, or just stop and take pictures.

And finishing the day off and leaving downtown you pass the famous grassy knoll and the spot where President Kennedy was shot.  It’s hard to imagine such an awful event happened on this mildly curving downtown street.  On this day a group of protestors on some sort of quest, were making a lot of noise on the knoll,  but not enough to even make cars slow down.

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