40s Grandparents, farms and fleas

This is a picture of my dad, me, my grandma Winnie and my grandpa Sam (Dad’s mom and dad). My grandparents lived on a farm but I was amazed at my grandmother. She put her hat on for a picture and this was probably her very best dress and look she even has her best shoes on. I always remember my grandpa buttoning his shirt at the top. Another thing you might notice is that back in the olden days people never really smiled in photos. Check out some of the photos of your grandparents and I bet you find similar looks on their faces.
One of my favorite times with him was when he would tell me about his visit with the Indian Chief Geronimo when Geronimo was in prison at Ft Sill. I don’t remember why or when but he was very serious. When he was younger, my grandpa, was a very wealthy man in West Texas. That is a story for another time, maybe. I do remember a time we were visiting them and I went out in the barn and played with their collie dog. On the way home my parents noticed I was scratching something awful and needless to say I had more than half of the dogs fleas on me. When we got home my folks put me in a bathtub of cold ice water and I guess the fleas all died or jumped out because that was the last I heard about it.


  • I love looking at old pictures and you are right about them not ever smiling in pictures. I remember my mother had an oval shaped picture frame on the wall with my grandparents picture in it and they looked so straight faced. I was almost scared of the picture as a child. I never knew any of my grandparents. They all died either before I was born or right after. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

  • Joe

    So why didn’t anyone smile?? And is that dog in the background “marking its territory”???

  • Joe

    … I can’t help it. I notice these things…

  • Well, you sure looked cute and smiley in that photo. I’d like to ask a historical photographer WHY folks didn’t smile for pictures and formal portraits back then. Maybe the photographers never cracked jokes just before clicking.