Wishing for the old fashioned Halloween

This is my grandson on Halloween. There is a family resemblance. You know I had candy and turned the outside light on and had all of three kids, one was my grandson, one the kid across the street and one little girl who gave me a sack of candy rather than take candy. She was from a local Baptist church that was handing out sacks of candy and invitations to their church. I heard that one of the wealthier sections of town had so many kids that a lot of people ran out of candy. That is really sad that parents thought only the richer people were giving out safe candy or the only other safe place was to the mall. There was a Scare on the Square downtown that gave out some candy and had some other Halloween things. There are no longer kids going from house to house in their own neighborhoods anymore. It is awful that people who gave out candy with needles in it or other bad things, have made people afraid to let their kids Trick or Treat. When I was a kid we ran all around our neighborhood and other places to get candy with never a fear of getting something dangerous. We did a few ornery things like moving something around in someones yard or moving it down the street but we never did anything that hurt anyone and we never got any bad candy. We did have an old man in his long johns yell at us that “I see you where ever you are”, and we knew if he could have found us he would have chased us down the street. (We moved an old statue from his yard to the bushes.) Back then we didn’t even have to have our parents go along with us. I really feel sorry for my grandkids who will never know a Halloween like I had as a kid.