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Welcome to my personal blog. Thanks to my son for building this neat blog page. I decided I wanted to give my thoughts and words to the world and hope they have some meaning and memories to grandparents (and others) everywhere. I am a retired civil servant (35.5 years with the Department of the Air Force), mother of two and grandmother of five. My maiden name was Scaling and I was married to Tilford N. Tucker. I raised and put two great children through college so I have a lot of experiences to build on. After retirement I became a webmaster (working for my son) for some of our family websites: ShaggyDuck
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

A granny post, I guess

I think I have writers or rather bloggers block.  I can't think of anything to write about.  Have you ever wondered what people would really like to read about?  In the blogs I read, I have a blog I like because she is so much like me and is so down to earth.  Another because she really has a sense of humor,  one that has an interesting life.  My son's because I always find out something interesting about him,  even after all these years.  There is one that has moved mostly to Facebook so I read him there, one who writes about things he really likes and another that has sort of quit writing, where are you?  There are several that are so creative and have the prettiest and neatest ideas.  It makes me sad that I can't do those things to my house anymore or the holiday crafts, but I do like to look.  One young mother does such good things for the children in Africa.  Ah to be young, healthy and enthusiastic again.  I know I have far more blogs that I follow than I can really do justice to.  I try to read them all each day but there are days........

Have you seen those Topsy Turvy Tomato planters that hang, on tv?  Well those didn't work for me or anyone I know but let me tell you we were at Atwoods (a farm and home store) and in their plant section they had some tomato plants growing out of these black bags and they were HUGE.  I have never seen such great looking tomato plants!!   They can't help but produce.   The ones on tv,  you had to add the soil, and the tomato plants and then water and hope for the best.  These are ready for water and sun and that's it.   They were only $12, about half what the tv ones were.  I sure wanted one but I really don't have a convenient place to hang it and I already have a bunch of  tomato plants in the ground.  Don't you just love home grown tomatoes (bacon and tomato sandwiches)  hmmmmmmm!!

Am watching HGTVs new show Selling New York and I enjoy seeing all those million dollar apartments.  One soap stars parents are having trouble selling their apartment,  $5.65 this realtor brought in a "spiritual intuit"- to cleanse the negative energy out of the apartment.  He waved a deal with some  burning incense and waved some flowers around, held his hands to the front door, said a prayer or two and said the apartment would sell soon but they will rent for $25,000. a month for a while first.    Duh - aside from spending millions on a home, how about spending $25K a month for rent?  Maybe I need one of those guys just to bring energy in.


Blogger Marissa said...

I like this post. A smorgasbord of stuff! Now I want a bacon and tomato sandwich for lunch. (I couldn't believe the small-ish size tomatoes at Vons were $1 each. Is that normal?)

I haven't seen that HGTV show, but it sounds interesting since I love all things NYC.

April 23, 2010 12:16 PM  
Blogger Joanna Jenkins said...

I almost bought one of those upside down tomato plants today!!! Now I might have to go back ;-)
Happy weekend,

April 23, 2010 11:53 PM  
Blogger Glenda/MidSouth said...

There are some bloggers that have so much going on all the time, I get tired just reading about it all. :D I wish I had the energy that I use to have. No tomato plants here. My courtyard is to shady - which is a good thing as it helps on the utility bill in the Summer. Would love a good bacon & tomato sandwich about now.
Have not seen that show - I don't think.
Enjoy your week.

April 26, 2010 11:42 AM  

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